About Tobin Bradstreet

Tobin Bradstreet aka Tobias van der Avort was born in 1975 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Growing up he developed a sweet spot for trance and electro based beats. Together with his best friend Maurice he enjoyed trance, techno and uptempo electronic music occasionally with much shared emotion.

10 years passed before I spent time with another friend Nicolas D. working and listening many hours, entire days, week in week out from 1997 till 1999 making music in his professional home studio with early analog synthesis synthesizers like the Kawai K5000s and many Roland 19″ racked synth modules, MIDI interfacing using an early Cakewalk version. Those were the days..

Not an easy workflow at all back then. Many years later on my business iMac in 2011 I stumbled upon and started playing with Garageband ’11. Because of the early experience of 1998 it felt so intuitive… Promptly I knew how to use this interface and produce solid sounding stuff. The following 6 months were obsessively consumed with an eager energy to make some pretty electronic ‘pictures’.

Along the months I seriously upgraded into a huge collection of high quality 24-bit producer samples, Logic X and bought myself a microKorg XL (my first synth) and soon after that an already legendary true analog synthesizer: the Arturia MiniBrute.

Together with a fast growing number of soft synthesizers from FabFilter, Trillian from Spectrasonics and U-he’s Diva  I am able to generate full and engaging compositions. On Friday 16th of August 2013 I released my first song ‘Run Keeper (Reconfigured 2013, club edit)’ as a first approachable and easy understandable ‘carrier’ of my producing capabilities yet to be realized potential in a very competitive but exciting industry.

As of March 2014 I have geared my studio big level up with the analog circuitry of the gorgeous MOOG Slim Phatty, NEXUS2, Ozone’s Alloy 2 for compression, mixing and side chaining and many more VST’s. Together with a X1 SE condensator microphone and very decent Yamaha HS7 active monitor speakers in my second (non) home studio. Can’t wait to release these newer songs.

I listen and get inspired by the likes of Deadmau5, Sydney Blu, Melleefresh, Wolfgang Gartner and Feed Me.  All my live mixes are based on the more heavy low end bassline, dancefloor elevating stuff they brought to the table in the last years.

I collect all their best gems and gems only.

For more information: www.facebook.com/tobinbradstreet and tobinbradstreet@gmail.com
Online sounds: https://soundcloud.com/tobinbradstreet and http://www.mixcloud.com/tobinbradstreet


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